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Falcon Driver Training are solely responsible for all content contained within our website. Images on our website have been lawfully and legally purchased or otherwise found in the public domain. Any images displayed are either produced by the website owner or purchased from istockphoto.com or some other source.

The purpose of this is to give the designers and image owners the payment they deserve. We do not copy any content or images and we would expect the same from you. Please do not take screen shots or copy any content or images without first consulting us.

If there are any images on our site that you or anyone else believes should not be part of our website then please advise us. We will of course take the necessary action if and where appropriate.

Falcon Driver Training are a specialist driving business and not in any way involved in graphical solutions. We have no reason whatsoever to use any uncopyrighted content or images for our own gain.

Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (c.48)
1988 c. 48 - continued
Part I - Copyright - continued
Chapter VI
Remedies for Infringement
Rights and remedies of copyright owner
Infringement actionable by copyright owner.
An infringement of copyright is actionable by the copyright owner.
In an action for infringement of copyright all such relief by way of damages, injunctions, accounts or otherwise is available to the plaintiff as is available in respect of the infringement of any other property right.
This section has effect subject to the following provisions of this Chapter.

Provisions as to damages in infringement action.
97. (1) Where in an action for infringement of copyright it is shown that at the time of the infringement the defendant did not know, and had no reason to believe, that copyright subsisted in the work to which the action relates, the plaintiff is not entitled to damages against him, but without prejudice to any other remedy.
(2) The court may in an action for infringement of copyright having regard to all the circumstances, and in particular to
(a) the flagrancy of the infringement, and
(b) any benefit accruing to the defendant by reason of the infringement,
award such additional damages as the justice of the case may require.

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