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Falcon Driver Training is one of the leading driver training companies based near the historical city of York England. We provide a bespoke professional service to businesses large or small, as well as individuals that just want to improve their driving. We operate in both the UK and overseas. Our courses range from basic drivers courses through to advanced driving courses. We also offer specialist driving courses such as ADR Training & Driver CPC Training and for clients working in hostile environments as well as working with Emergency Services and the Armed Force.

  • We can train you to become an advanced driver
  • Save money by reducing accidents, even something as simple as a broken wing mirror can cost more than you may think
  • Reducing insurance costs, for every £1 insured there are between £8 - £50 of uninsured costs, such as loss of production, staffing etc
  • Putting money back it to your pocket with safe and fuel ecomony training
  • Complying with current Health & Safety legislation. Managing Work Related Road Safety
  • Driver risk assessments making sure your staff are risk free. Nine people per day die on our roads driving for work purposes
  • Confidence Building

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