Car & Trailer

Car & Trailer Towing Courses

Designed for:
All people who have passed their standard driving test after 1st January 1997 and need to tow trailers or caravans above the B licence limit. i.e. Council and utilities personnel, caravan owners, horse-box owners, boat owners.

The object of this practical driving course is to train the delegate to attain the standard and pass the additional trailer category B+E car & trailer DSA driving test. All delegates will receive individual tuition in all the exercises and disciplines required to complete the test successfully.

Single day course:
The single day allows the delegate to demonstrate all the exercises and roadwork skills required to pass the B+E car and trailer test. The delegate(s) then return to practice the manoeuvres and roadwork at home or work and using their own vehicle and trailer. When the delegate feels confident we will arrange the test at the delegates local LGV test centre. This is ideal for the delegate who has limited towing experience.

Intensive 3 day course:
Our special intensive three day course is carefully structured for all skill levels to bring you up the the E test standard so you give your best driving performance on the test.
You will cover all the exercises and roadwork skills required to pass the B+E car and trailer test without rushing but in depth. The two full training days allow you to practice and become competent during the training sessions. The third day is dedicated to the *test at the local DSA test centre.

Practical Trailer Towing Lessons for Health & Safety at Work

Trailer Law, Towing and Driver Checks:
In today’s working and leisure environments health & safety is an integral part. Towing any trailer, caravan or mobile plant demands awareness of safe practice, driving skills and the trailer law.

Designed for:
All operatives and people who need to tow trailers up to 3500Kg. for their work. i.e. Council and utilities personnel, civil engineers, landscape contractors, builders or exhibition demonstrators.

This is a hands on practical driving course with interactive exercises using vehicles and trailers to develop an awareness of the key skills required to operate, manoeuvre and tow safely. All delegates will receive an understanding of defensive driving and related trailer road-craft and health & safety issues.