DCPC Training Courses

The courses that we offer fall in line with the syllabus laid down by the European Directive
and as time moves on and legislation changes more courses will be introduced. Some of the courses are 7hr duration and some are 3.5hrs, however the contact time must be 7hrs (not including breaks) all drivers must complete 35hrs of training within 5 years
(periodic training)

There are two types of training

  1. Initial training – this involves new drivers coming into the industry whereby they must pass a DSA test
  2. Periodic training ‐ this is given to all drivers as ‘acquired’ (grandfather) rights if they have held a current PSV before 10th of September 2008 / LGV before 10th September 2009

Remembering that after the initial and periodic training that all drivers must start the process again, this is regular training that will continue throughout their/your professional driving career to help them as a driver and to encourage safe driving for life.

» i.e. complete 35hrs of training within 5years
» example September 2008/2009 (grandfather rights) will cover you to 2013/2014 so by this date you must have completed your 35hrs of training to cover you to 2018 / 2019 and then for the foreseeable future you need to continue 35hrs of training.

We Have a number of courses for you to choose.

  • Drivers Hours
  • Working Time Directive
  • Deceptive driving
  • Loading & restraint
  • Manual Handling
  • Fuel Economy
  • ADR

The legislation is already in place that makes it an offence to drive without a DCPC

Offence Penalty:

  • No Driver CPC
  • Permitting or causing a driver to driver without a DCPC
  • Failing to produce your DCPC while driving
  • Max £1000.00
  • Max £1000.00
  • Max £1000.00
  • Falsification of documents obtain a DCPC
  • Making false statements to obtain a DCPC
  • 2 years imprisonment and/or fine
  • 2 years imprisonment